Meet Bill Parker
Telling Tales for 15 Years and Counting.

I started Hindsight Media in 2002 after working in the film and video industry for almost thirty years. I’ve worked as an editor, colorist, cameraman, and taught film making at Chelsea High School outside of Boston. It was there amid a population of students from all corners of the globe that I developed a real interest in oral histories and story telling in general. Producing personal histories for families and organizations seemed a natural progression for me.

And what an adventure it’s been – from hanging out of helicopters (OK, it was one helicopter), to the wilds of Australia (well, Sydney, but still!). I’ve even been to western Massachusetts and Connecticut. I’ll go anywhere for a story, but there’s no shortage of stories right here in Boston. In addition to the work I perform with families, I’ve spent a lot of time in schools, hospitals, rivers, junk yards, and board rooms – you name it. But mostly, you can find me behind the camera, hearing and helping to tell great stories. And my wife might tell you otherwise, but I swear – I’m actually a very good listener!


Meet Sean LaLiberte

I have recently been joined by Sean LaLiberte, a UMass graduate in English and a storyteller in his own right. A writer and thinker who cut his professional teeth in the nonprofit and creative realms, Sean deals in language and narratives, and is most at home in the act of wrestling objective facts and subjective emotions into poignant statements on the nature of our collective reality. He derives far too much satisfaction from well-structured email correspondence, has a curious affinity for birds, and is an unrepentant hippie; he enjoys music, hockey, craft beer, science fiction, and laughing in the orange face of fascism. He lives in Somerville.

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