Milestones, retrospectives, promotional work, fundraisers. Hindsight Media uses the same approach to organizations and small business that it brings to family histories – keep an eye on the story at all times and move the story forward. Oh – and have fun – within reason.

“Please tell me you were recording.”

Take a look at the organizational stories we’ve captured in these videos:

Our Promotional Video Process for Organizations

It’s a noisy world out there, particularly when it comes to marketing, messaging, and getting heard. We help you cut through the clutter, creating promotional, informational, documentary-style videos to convey the who, the why and the how behind your organization to whomever you are trying to reach. Let’s talk and put together a package that helps get you where you want to be.
You’ve seen our material or heard about us through a colleague so you have a sense of what we can do for you here at Hindsight. Now, you need more. Some details on the process, the pricing. The final product.


As our other organizational clients will tell you, we’ve got you covered. Every organization has a story and storytelling is our thing. In our consult, we’ll talk scope, narrative, specs and timelines, answering any and all of your questions while asking a few of our own. Between your insights and our expertise, ideas will coalesce into something more tangible. We are ready to go if you are.


First, the legal niceties. Contracts ensure that everyone maintains their good humor during a project, and as you know from your own work, they’re also a great way to keep everyone on track – ourselves included. So we set a timeline, take solemn oaths, exchange a few sweaty handshakes, and that’s that. We’re yours.


Technical jargon for “everything that comes before the shoot” – phone calls, meetings, location scouting, logistics, and so on. We work collaboratively with members of your team to brainstorm and expand on plans hatched in our consultation, then set about making them a reality. We’ll run through a drafting process structured around your organizational messaging. We will identify some “must have” topics of discussion and interview subjects. And we will draw up an outline or a more detailed a blueprint, depending upon your preference.


Filming is, oddly enough, often the easiest part of our process. Specific logistics depend largely on the size of your organization and the scale of the concept; the bigger the job, the more extensive the shoot, both in terms of time and locations. These details will have been ironed out in preproduction so on filming day, it’s all about the shoot.


We compile the hours of interviews and b-roll footage and work our magic, transforming the pieces into a engaging mosaic, with music, voice-over, animation, stills – all the ingredients needed to tell the story well. We will review a working copy with you over the course of several conversations, working together to ensure the final product is just what you had hoped for now several weeks before.


Most of our organizational work goes straight to the internet. Clients also receive a full resolution file, web-friendly files, and all raw materials from the shoot plus any elements added along the way to the final product. We’re willing and able to provide DVD copies, as requested; we can also assist with arrangements for projection and screening equipment.


“I don’t know – that seems a little high.”
We hear you – $5,000-$15,000 is no small expense for something that isn’t explicitly contributing to the bottom line. But our clients find that the budget is generally already there – that 3-10% you’ve wisely earmarked for marketing or outreach & development. And they will tell you, whether they are a non-profit hoping to engage more donors or a for-profit looking to boost the top line, the investment is worth it.

Organizations We’ve Served

  • Bill made a fantastic video for our environmental justice organization. It was a collaborative process and he put everything together beautifully, capturing the most important pieces and telling a compelling story.

    Holly UngerDirector of Development for Alternatives for Community and Environment
  • We loved, loved, loved working with Bill, and his colleague, Eric. Bill was easy-going and personable with us, but professional and exacting in his approach to filming and editing. We were thrilled with the final product - as were our board and members. We wanted a short video for a general audience that would both explain our work and move people to care about our cause (rivers!). This video was perfect.

    Julia BlattExecutive Director of the Massachusetts Rivers Alliance
  • Hindsight Media crafted our story with a perfect blend of depth, insight and humor - who knew that energy retrofits were funny! We are thrilled with the animation they created and they made a complex financial arrangement both informative and entertaining. Their profile of the YMCA in Cambridge was thoughtful and on-point. Well done! 

    Hubbard R. GarberBoard member of RENEW Energy Partners
  • Billy Parker has produced a video for Fenway High School that has won high praise and boosted our fund-raising efforts enormously!

    John EstyDevelopment Committee, Fenway High School
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