Massachusetts Rivers Alliance

In partnership with Area4Films

For some reason, I always seem to wind up in rivers.

A few years ago, I made a fundraising film for the Upper Raritan Watershed Association in New Jersey (URWA). Last year, it was the Massachusetts River Alliance (MRA).

Believe it or not, Massachusetts has more rivers than almost any state in the country. And while I didn’t shoot in all of them, sometimes it felt that way. I worked closely on this piece with Eric Grunebaum of Area4Films. Eric insisted that every interview take place on the rivers themselves so I spent a lot of time up to my knees in water. Soggy shoes became my part of my “look”.

We profiled six different watersheds in Massachusetts, each one as stunning as the next but equally threatened in some way. From the Hoosic River, hemmed in by concrete sluices in North Adams, to the over-allocated Ipswich River, to the virtually inaccessible Mystic River, we witness a river ecosystem that is constantly under stress, forcefully being redirected away from its most natural and wondrous state. We also learn of the efforts of people in those communities who are taking the necessary and unheralded steps to preserve and protect the waters we often take for granted. Those ruined shoes of mine? Well worth the damage.

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